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Silly Book: Dick Tricks

Just for fun I am reviewing a book (and website) called:

(Obviously a book for fun loving adults only) [P.S. A lot of chicks don't get this cool book. I wonder why ;) ]

Title: Dick Tricks
ISBN: 978-91-85449-27-9
Website: http://www.dick-tricks.com
Authors: David Grehn & Rolf Carlbom

The book has lots of fun ways to liven up any occasion by using, yes you guessed it guys, your dick!

Face it girls, men are fascinated by our own dicks! No surprises there! And guys this book is all about more things to do with your dick. So brace yourselves everybody!

The website is funny and informative! But the thing I like most is nearly all of the images in the book are available on the website!

The black and white drawings are not graphic, which is great. (Aka full colour photos would have sucked , big time!)

The authors proclaim that "This book addresses why our best friend is associated with shame, negativity and taboos and how to break out of that mold."

At least thats what you as the reader are told. I think that statement is absolute rubbish. I think the authors want to spread their chaos far and wide. This book will certainly make wives and girlfriends, the world over, quiver in fear! ( evil laugh )

There are tons of ways to get good laughs here! However *disclaimer* I am sure some of these moves (if fully carried out) may get you badly hurt. If not by the moves themselves, then by the intended audience!

There is a particularly cool move called the "ice breaker". You stand and simply drop your pants in the middle of a quiet and reserved dinner party! That should certainly liven things up and get the conversations started!

It is dick game chaos!

There are seriously bad dick imitations of the real everyday objects.

Every wanted to play a dick drum using your scrote and a glass (I didn't and still don't but i laughed stupid!) or fly a mosquito around the room? Every wondered what a shark looks like or how to make your thumb look super swollen?? Cannons, Nuke explosions, hotdogs, its all there!

What if your dick was the Olympic torch lighting the hopes of millions? Well here is your chance to find out! Because I am scared, a couple of the ones I would definitely not be trying out!

Oh yes and your girl will never ask for the time, from your magical "Wristwatch", in quite the same way. Especially when you are naked! Laugh

Go to their web site for free dick-tricks and details about the book!

The book is available in South Africa via Zytek Publishing Pty Ltd otherwise through Amazon.com

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  1. Blogger BecauseIcan | July 18, 2008 at 5:53 PM |  


    I think the penis is just the funniest appendage ever!

    You should watch 101 Most Embarrassing Sexual Acts...

    You will note that out of 101 only about 4 of them are woman.. ehem..