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Free network and workstation auditing software

Spiceworks the great free network and workstation auditing software

In our business keeping track of the IT Assets for a group of companies is challenging. There are numerous products out there to help an IT Manager do this, however they either cost an arm or a leg, or the software provider wants a copy of the information gathered, or the free stuff is just pure crap!

Well in my travels across the NET I came across SPICEWORKS. It is seriously good remote WMI auto-discovery software.The management interface is a set of web pages with a consistent and clean look.

Key features:

  1. SNMP, network device and network printer scanning

  2. Linux scanning via SSH

  3. Alerts on customizable definitions (eg machines with no anti-virus or low printer toner)

  4. Ability to manage your software licenses

  5. Software automatically categorizes machines into groups. eg Laptops, servers, routers etc

  6. Ability to define custom devices

  7. Ability to compare one machine with another

There are several catches:

  1. Some clients you will need the administrator password for, a problem when it comes to private hardware

  2. You need to make sure the firewall is opened from the machine you are running the scan from to the target machine to allow WMI requests through

  3. The software is not 100% free as it displays some adverts

All in all this is a fantastic piece of software. I was involved in writing this type of software in the past and compared to what I wrote these guys have really taken the cake!
Download it from their website immediately and start pro-actively managing your IT assets today!

Download Spiceworks Free Network Management Software!

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