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Second Advert from Microsoft

Oi Oi bad. V bad! (for most decent computer users).

However, what was potentially interesting, was the way they showed the son with billy boy using some "new" software. (Shh dont tell anyone).

Sorry Jerry, the dry comedy and slow action is hurting. However the slow pace might make you more susceptable to the message at the end.

Yet I am still trying to work out how they are carrying their vision.

Here is my take on the campaign. I am expecting to be wrong on these.

1. M$ are working on the "togetherness" feeling and might later show how their software make everything "together". (eg family, new friends, devices and toys, cars, appliances etc)
2. They gonna talk lots about the future rather than the problems now.
3. Jerry is going to "hand over" to more techie ppl as the "series" unfolds.

Four mins of bull-crap and bore and like 10 seconds of product talk.
The customer is king, I dont want to hear about your cars and flying houses and status in life, ok, I wanna know about solving my problems and sorting my stuff out.

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