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Review: Bugnet - Really great open source issue tracking and project management software

YAY For Bugnet! Bugnet is a fantastic tool to track support issues and log calls as well as being able to log time spent on issues.

Here is the tools homepage!

We have been using it in our organization since January 2007 and have found this to be a great tool for tracking support issues and making sure that all our bases are covered when it comes to customer services. We also use it to plan our development strategy going forward and see how effective we have been in the past with patches or new features. We have tracked over 400 issues and ideas using this system.

Our organization covers a wide variety or IT services.


1. Custom Software Development

2. Product Software Development for corporates

3. Product Software Development for the general public

4. IT Infrastructure for our group of companies

5. IT Support and networking for selected clients

Here are the features I really like:

1. Open source.

2. ASP .NET 2.0.

3. Multiple Project Support.

4. Ability to add attachments to issues.

5. Easy to read ticket numbers are issued by the system.

6. Automatic Changelog and Roadmaps for your software projects.

7. Very granular user security from totally public to solidly locked down.

8. Nice project metrics.

9. Easy navigation and filtering.

10. Project Summary shows nice overview of issues.

11. Full history on tickets.

12. Nicely formatted comments on issues.

13. Ability to link an issue to a related issue.

14. Active support from the developers.

15. Export a project list to Excel, or subscribe via RSS to a project or issue!!

16. Each project can have multiple categories, versions and milestones. You can also give deadlines and time estimates on issues.

Here are some features which I don't use but you might like:

1. Ability to log calls sent to an email account.

2. Very good reporting.

3. Custom field definitions on support tickets.

4. Active Directory / SAM authentication.

Overall this is a very powerful product and well worth investigating in your business.

Once again, here is the tools homepage! Enjoy!

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