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My European Save Game from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (25% Completion)

For those of you that really enjoy the Grand Theft Auto series, I have posted my latest save game from GTA: Liberty City Stories (For PSP).

This save game is from immediately after unlocking Staunton Island. Salvator has just called and there is now a marker at his telephone.

Download my save game here!

Included in the save game is a TXT file describing which packages I have collected and other stuff.

Here is a summary:

Rating Ex-Con (1423)

25% complete

30 Hidden Packages (Portland)

People I have wasted: 808

Gang members wasted: 206

People wasted by others: 235

Interesting Weapons:

AK47 with 196 rounds

Sniper with 20 rounds

Grenades with 21 rounds

Python from Chainsaw mission

Shotdun with 543 rounds

Micro SMG with 1179 rounds