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Microsoft South Africa reports Vista Woes

[ VIA YAY Bash Microsoft again! ]

Microsoft SA has said that there have been difficulties for resellers and end-users around the launch of its Vista operating system. Why are we not shocked!

Furthermore they say there "have been problems with its communications to its channel." Microsoft have always been bad at communicating with system stake holders and channel resellers, so I am still not surprised.

They further indicate that "these communications were not properly planned." They have planned three campaigns for this year to rectify the situation.

The article quoted Tarsus CEO Pierre Spiese "Local distributors, OEMs and resellers have been battling with bulk image blasting, the time and expense of downgrading unhappy customers back to Windows XP, and second-line support."

"Vista doesn't support bulk image blasting; it's just not here yet. We believe the product was launched too soon. [Microsoft has] a lot of catching up to do. Corporates are buying new machines with Vista on and downgrading to XP, in anticipation of Vista being ready in the next two to three years. They are buying the licence, but do not plan to use it until the product is ready."

The article goes on to say that Spies says the situation is interfering with the company's business model. "We're taking serious flak. We've got people arriving in droves to downgrade."

He says the company is downgrading roughly 25% of the Vista machines it sells. "Consumers are not taking a long-term view like the corporates are, they just want it gone."

And rightly so in my view. Each new version of M$ operating system just seems to suck a little bit more than the one before, and tie you a little bit deeper into M$ strangle hold.

Right penguins! Quick March!

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