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The heaviest book I have read

I am about halfway through one of the heaviest books I have ever read, I had read a few heavy books in my time. I was impressed as it is written by a South African author.

"Acid Alex" by Al Lovejoy is a true story of chaos, drugs, reformatory, prison, slappers, robbery, crazy SA accents and lingo, crime syndication, international drug smuggling, . Brutally honest and written in a relaxed meandering style this book is a must read for any open-minded South African. Oh yes. Did I mention that the foreword is written by Koos Kombuis?

"Acid Alex will shock, assault, educate and entertain you, and take you on a trip beyond your wildest imagining."

When interviewed about the book a very good looking young lady recommended it to me because she found it "as hard as some places in South Africa, this book was very hard to put down. I read it within a week and it opened my eyes to the underground world beneath my feet."


  1. Blogger shireen | July 25, 2007 at 4:46 PM |  

    agreed - one of the best books I've read. Not that I've read a lot. But I've read this one. And it's one of the best.

  2. Blogger bossmanthe | July 31, 2007 at 1:02 PM |  

    Hi Shireen,
    Thanks for the comment.