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Hacking the PIN number on a Telkom Series 403 Handset

Yesterday my maid was cleaning my red Telkom Series 403 telephone handsets. This is a great desktop phone with a LCD and speaker phone. For the price it is brilliant.

However it was off the hook at the time and the cloth happened to press all the right combinations to lock the phone out with an unknown PIN code.

Luckily she did not lock the line, just the handset.

So after a hectic call to every Telkom department imaginable, I got through to the right person.

The instructions for resetting the PIN code is as follows:

1. Unplug the phone for 30 mins and let the memory run flat and reset! (Sheesh)

2. Plug back in

3. Lift the receiver

4. Press "PROGRAM" 1111 "PROGRAM" to unlock

Yes you guessed it the default PIN is "1111"

Remind me never to trust the phone PIN system because it is too easy to bypass!

Happy Days!


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | November 28, 2007 at 5:37 PM |  

    Hi, I was excited as I could not reset the pin code after someone locked my Series 405 Phone.
    Tried all the possible telkom departments - but the technicians who knew the phone must have been retrenched. Tried the solution but still "ERROR" when trying to reset the In Code
    Jimmy Lishman

  2. Blogger RexMan | November 29, 2007 at 9:08 AM |  

    Hi Jimmy,

    It took me ages to find the right person at Telkom. So that is why I blogged that entry.

    Pity the method does not work for Series 405.

    Try unplugging the phone from power and the telephone line for a full weekend and see if it resets back to the default PIN.

    You should find the default PIN in your user manual. If you dont have the user manaual, then Telkom can direct you to a web site where they have all their manuals available.

    Good Luck!