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This has got to be the funniest piece of spam I have ever seen (thanks Steve).

Hello, my dear friend
I am looking for a man. I want to get married and to
live happily.
Life is passing by and I am looking at it like from the window
of a moving train... I feel lonely in my heart... this loneliness is causing
pain to me... I know only one remedy - it's love... love that only a man can
give to a woman...
What about me? I am good looking, kind, attentive,
caring... maybe you'll ask why I am lonely then?... I'll tell you! My life was
hard here, in my country, I am disappointed with men here and with life in this
country... I feel my second half is not here... Maybe it's you?
If you wish
to get to know me... http://xxx/

for your answer
Irisha P.

You got any funny spam?