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Google will eat itself - GWEI

How are these guys....
They have opened a mass of adsense accounts. And are working on defrauding Google. Not sure where this hate stems from but hey...

One of Google's main revenue generators is the "Adsense" program: It places hundreds of thousands of little Google text-ads on websites around the world.

Now we have set up a vast amount of such Adsense-Accounts for our hidden Web-Sites. Each time someone visits a Web-Sites within our network of sites, he/she triggers a series of robots. For each click we receive a micropaiment from Google.

Google pays us monthly by check. Each time we collect enough money, we buy the next Google share.

How much do "we" own Google

Google Shares owned by GWEI: 292
Amount of USD: 131.148,88
Adsense-Clicks: 281.378
Adsense-Page Impressions: 13.398.952
Adsense-CTR: 2,32%

link GWEI

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