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More than a social cup of coffee

So most of you have probably frequented a Starbucks. A $4 coffee just seems quite excessive, right? Well if you were to open the menu at Terra Bite you would see that there are no prices in the menu. Ervin Peretz and Susie Allsup hatched the idea of a "free coffee shop" whilst intoxicated in Vietnam. Basically you are obligated to give a donation for the coffee and according to Peretz, a 37 year old Google programmer, most visitors drop around $3 in the anonymous drop box.

The coffee shop works on the concept of social monitoring. The influence of others around you will obligate you to donate. Well it seems to work. One individual was determined to enjoy a cup for free but felt so bad he drove back and paid double! The founders believe it works in a area such as Kirkland, WA as there is a strong social standing. Somewhere like Seattle might see a very different result.

Hopefully people see that such a venture is sincere and not just a gimmick.

Read: Seattle Times, Kirkland Weblog

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